Gmail Security Features

Most of the users today are well known to keep the security on first priority in order to keep the email account safe. Once it is locked, one cannot get it back in any condition. It becomes difficult to get the normality back of the Gmail. Security is the prime line for every user these days as the professional and personal things have to be kept safe. If customers will not take care, anything can be taken away from the user’s account which is intricate to handle at times. As the hackers are increasing these days, we have to make it a priority to protect it.

Multiple ways are there nowadays, which were not present earlier. Not only the methods which customer executive have, gmail customer service offers a variety of gmail support which is really beneficial. Gmail security features are there to be looked by the users and apply them for the safety.

Here are some of the gmail security features which are really helpful such as:

2-step verification

Gmail 2-step verification

The prime option these days is 2-step verification, which is easy as well as simple to perform. It means that adding an extra step of security which will enquire code from the phone and then a user will be able to log in. Once through the gmail account it is done, then every time user log in into account, a special code has to be entered to log in into account. This is really safer and secured method these days.

Enabling HTTPS Security

In order to leave the HTTP enabled on all the time can be an invitation to hackers to come and take up all the information. To save the account, make sure the user disable it and enable whenever needed. Gmail customer service is always there to guide the users in a better way. So help can be taken anytime.

To check it, from the gear icon, move to settings then general. Move to browser connection and see the option of “Always on HTTPS” is checked. This will solve all the issue. After all this, make sure to save the settings.

No need to unlock every mail

Opening every Gmail Massage can harm your emails account and your personal information. It may happen that the banner looks tempting and you open the email. Though the email has been sent by your loved ones or any of your known contacts and you click the given web link which hacks all your account details. This can harm your security.

Tracking activity of the account

Why not taking care of own account? Why are the users so afraid to take any step to for their gmail account’s safety? For the safety of account, the best way is to keep the track of who opens the account, who all have your password, how many times the account has been opened by someone. Keeping a track will be very beneficial as one can simply check and follow the unauthorized access and stop it on the step. Track the activities of the account to keep it safe. The feature is that it will give every small information of the account.

Security questions

Is that user is aware of security question? Yes! Keep the security of account protected by changing the answers. The benefit is that no one will be able to take benefit from such. Once users keep on changing it, no one will be able to acquire it.

Any other help can be attained through Gmail support phone number which is accessible 24*7 for the users. Whenever they need it, just simply dial it and user will be able to contact the staff of customer care. Remote help, chat is even available.

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