With the new emerging websites and social networking sites, people have started to work on multiple accounts having different email-ids and passwords. At times, it is possible for one to confuse up the passwords while opening a single site. He can also forget his password if he has not used or operated his account for a long time.

The Gmail password reset can be done by the users either by providing the website with an alternate email-id or by giving his contact number. Both of the modes can be handled easily. If the user wants to reset his password through the alternate email, he would just have to login in his alternate account and click the link that has been sent by the Gmail support team which would enable him to reset and create his own new password. One can also use his phone number for resetting the Gmail password. He would just have to select the option of ‘Send a text message’ for the recovery option. At the very next mo-ment, he will be receiving a verification code which will be sent to his number via text message which would then lead him to reset his password.

There is no problem if one forgets the security questions for recovering his account or for resetting his password. The customer care of Gmail is always at the user’s service. One will just have to fill up the form online which will be provided to them by the customer care. They will then send the reset links to the user for resetting passwords so that the user can resume his work on his account. One should not really get worried about the Gmail password recovery. The customer care service itself resets pass-words for some of its users if they find the accounts getting hacked.

If you are not aware about the Gmail toll free number, then you can check it out on the website. A single call can easily le you solve the problem. If you find it difficult to understand, then you can even check out for the video call option. In short, Gmail customer care representatives are really friendly and they always make sure that their customers are guided properly.

Changing the Gmail password is easy. The online help and support page of Gmail will let you see that there are simple ways to do this. Login to your account and choose the change the password, and change it. Yes, it is very simple as you can see it. What if you have lost your password or forgot it? Sometimes the hackers can login to your account and change the password, as this is easy for them too. What can be done again is easy. First you need to see that the users need to choose the change the password using forgot password option. In such case, you can find that the password is not required to be mentioned. You need to give the alternate email address which is what you would have given when you have created the account. You can also recover the password with the security questions you have answered when you have created the account. If you have successfully made use of the Gmail account recovery, you need to change these security questions and the recovery email address immediately. This is because you have got the password recovered, but there are chances that the hackers can still use the same options and get the password reset again.

When you have forgotten the Gmail password, then you need to know how to reset Gmail password. It is easy and simple when you go to the Gmail recovery page as aforementioned. But, for a few this is not going to give the right answer as and when required. When you want to still recover the password, calling the customer support is the option available. If you are a paid member, then this is possible. For the free account users, this is not an option available. They need to make use of the online assistance only. But, there is the third party customer support, which is available for 24/7. Gmail official customer support offers great support for all the users. When you have gone through the online page, you will know that the Gmail support is very professional and has the skilled people to answer the calls. You need not wait for long to someone answer the call. These features should be checked for when choosing the third party support too. This is to ensure that you will not lose your money.

Losing your Gmail password is not something a big mistake, or something that happens to only a few. In fact, this can happen every day for thousands of people. There can be various reasons. You would be a forgetful person, which is a very obvious reason. When you can find that you got to change the password often, even a very strong memory can falter. The internet world is full of features and hackers equally. When the hackers want to make use of your account, you can find that the mail account is hacked. They can get into your account, and can make use of the data that is secured and private. When you use your mail account for signing up with the social networking sites, you should not make use of the same password. The same goes with your net banking links and banks. When you want to find if your password is found, then you need to check if the accounts of your email, or the social networking sites, are used by someone else. Your friends or business associates will definitely let you know if someone is using your account without your knowledge. Even Gmail lets you know if your account is accessed from the location that is not usual. You can find Gmail support page offering all the information about this.

When you lose your Gmail password or someone makes use of your Gmail account without your knowledge, then immediately, you should be thinking about changing the password. Changing the password of Gmail account is something easy and simple. This is a child’s play, as you would need to simply follow the instructions of Gmail. What you should first do is to go to the Gmail password recovery page. When the password recovery page is chosen, you will be given instructions to change the password. You need to provide the alternate email address that you had provided when you have created the email account. Then login to the alternate email address, and follow the link to change the password. The task is done. For people, who do not have the alternate email address in memory, or if the same is no more into use, then the security questions are to be answered. You can change the alternate email address or the security questions at any of time from the Gmail account settings.

Gmail is the popular most online free emailing services in the whole world. The users sometimes face problems while using the Gmail account. Some of these problems include forgetting the Gmail username or password, unable to access the account, etc.

In case, you forget your Gmail password, you can dial the Gmail customer service number any time and also from your home. When you want to change or reset a new Gmail password you need to follow a few steps. In this process, you need to answer a Gmail security question provided by the customer support team of Gmail. But sometimes, you might encounter a problem like “Gmail security question not getting in my mobile phone”. Thus, you need to change the security question.

How to change your security question? : – You need to explain all the details of your issue to the executives by dialling the Gmail Customer support number. Then, you need to follow the instructions provided by them. First, click on the gear icon at the top of the Gmail web page and then, select the Mail settings. Then, click the “Accounts and Import.” Then, you need to change the password recovery option in the ‘Change account settings’ sections.

After that, click “Edit” under the ‘Security Question’. Then, complete the entire form and finally click on the “Save” button to make the changes. In case, you cannot find the “Change password recovery” option link, then this is the right place where you can get the link. You also need to enter your alternative email id or phone number during the procedure.

The security question is very much important to recover or reset your Gmail password. The security question and the answers to that question given by you are utmost confidential. Thus, you need to maintain the authenticity and significance of the security question given to you by the Gmail technical support team.

What are the best operating systems for Gmail? : – Some of the best operating systems (OS) suitable for Gmail are WinXP or Windows 7, Gmail Outlook 2003 or Internet Explorer 9, Firefox program and versions, etc. You can also successfully use the McAffe and the Norton 2007 antivirus software to protect your system while using the Gmail account.

You can also flexibly use any extensions, plug-ins or toolbars in Gmail. You can very conveniently use Gmail on all types of gadgets like i-pads, electronic notebooks and tablets with internet connections.

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