Find Out How Exactly One Can Retrieve Lost Passwords For Gmail

Today, the services of Google mail or Gmail are being used by millions from all over the world. When it comes to email account, one can have multiple accounts with Gmail, meant to be used for different reasons. Having multiple email accounts for different reasons can be very convenient; however, it could turn into night mare if one forgets his login password. This could lead to devastation, especially if the email account in question has important mails stored in it.

This is quite a common thing to happen that is to forget the password of email account; however, when it comes to Gmail, it is in fact quite easy to retrieve the password. This article is about how to recover Gmail Password

Process of Recovering Gmail Password

Let us try and find out how exactly one can retrieve lost passwords for Gmail. Here are the steps

  1. Login Page: When one has multiple accounts, then it is quite common to get the passwords missed up. More often than not people do not realize that they have in fact forgotten the password. It happens particularly when someone is trying to login after a long time. Once the user id and the password are being keyed in, the Gmail server comes up with the following message “THE EMAIL OR PASSWORD YOU ENTERED IN INCORRECT”. There no need to panic, the solution lies just underneath this message.
  2. Start the process: Once you come across this error message, have look under it. There you will see a hyper link which states “Need Help?” Click on that. You will be directed to the Gmail Password Recovery Account.
  3. Next Step: The moment you click on the mentioned hyperlink, you will be directed to a different page, which has the following options
  4. I don’t know my password
  5. I don’t know my username
  • I’m having other problems in signing in

Since we are talking about missing password, select the first option, the moment you select it, you will find three more sections appear on the same page. In the first section, you will find a box with the email address you want to retrieve the password for, below you will have to other options, as –

  1. I don’t know my username
  2. I’m having other problems signing in

Don’t have to select any of these options, simply click on “Continue”, you will be directed to another page. In the next page you will be asked to enter the last password you used for this account, the chances are that you will not remember it, in that case, click on “I don’t know” button. You will be directed to the next page, where the server would ask you on how you would like to receive a verification code, by an automated phone call or by a sms.

If you select the SMS option then you will be directed to another page where you would be asked to key in the verification code which was send to you via sms. Once you did that you will be directed to another page which would allow you to reset your password. The same process is applicable if you select to receive an automated phone call.



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