How To Save Your Gmail Account From Hacking?

Losing your Gmail password is not something a big mistake, or something that happens to only a few. In fact, this can happen every day for thousands of people. There can be various reasons. You would be a forgetful person, which is a very obvious reason. When you can find that you got to change the password often, even a very strong memory can falter. The internet world is full of features and hackers equally. When the hackers want to make use of your account, you can find that the mail account is hacked. They can get into your account, and can make use of the data that is secured and private. When you use your mail account for signing up with the social networking sites, you should not make use of the same password. The same goes with your net banking links and banks. When you want to find if your password is found, then you need to check if the accounts of your email, or the social networking sites, are used by someone else. Your friends or business associates will definitely let you know if someone is using your account without your knowledge. Even Gmail lets you know if your account is accessed from the location that is not usual. You can find Gmail support page offering all the information about this.

When you lose your Gmail password or someone makes use of your Gmail account without your knowledge, then immediately, you should be thinking about changing the password. Changing the password of Gmail account is something easy and simple. This is a child’s play, as you would need to simply follow the instructions of Gmail. What you should first do is to go to the Gmail password recovery page. When the password recovery page is chosen, you will be given instructions to change the password. You need to provide the alternate email address that you had provided when you have created the email account. Then login to the alternate email address, and follow the link to change the password. The task is done. For people, who do not have the alternate email address in memory, or if the same is no more into use, then the security questions are to be answered. You can change the alternate email address or the security questions at any of time from the Gmail account settings.

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