Know How To Reset Gmail Password With The Following Steps

“I have forgot my Google Gmail Account password” is one of the commonest issues you face while using your Gmail account. Some major problems might crop up if you somehow lose your password.

Your password may be hacked by the online hackers who might have unauthorized access to your personal and confidential emails.  You can always reset or recover the forgotten password.

This can be done with the help of the technical support team of Gmail. It can be recovered by following a few simple steps.

How to do the recovery?

The Gmail password recovery process can be done by following the logical steps. In case, you are not sure what was the email you used while creating your account. You can find it out by entering the possible email ids on the password assistance page.

After that, you will get a message stating that either “there are no accounts in our system for your email address” or “we’ve sent you an email with a link to reset your password.”

The password resetting process

Know How to reset Gmail Password with the following steps:

First, visit the username-assistance web page. Then, enter the alternate email address in the ‘Email’ field. Now, type the characters in the capcha picture into the provided text box and click the “Submit” button.

If you get an email on the alternate email address by the Gmail team, you can retrieve the username from the message. Thus, you always need to provide your correct alternate email address at the time of signing up with the Gmail account. The Google team will not be able to help you if you do not provide them with your alternate email address.

If you get an invitation from Gmail to sign up, you can retrieve your username by clicking on the link in that Gmail invitation.

How to recover your Gmail username?

There may be cases where you know the Gmail password or the Google number, but forgotten your Gmail user ID. Then, you need to use the “forgot username assistance” web page.

On that page you will be asked to enter your Google account number in the given field. Then, fill out the capcha code. After you complete the capcha, a message will be immediately sent to your Google Account which is associated with your provided Google number.

You can recover and reset your Gmail username by following the easy instructions on that email.




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